Captain Barndog's Skull & Shackles

The Journey to Port Peril
Captain Urdnot's Takes Command

The following is an excerpt of the Log of Lem the Ship’s Doctor of the pirate vessel the Storm Maiden:

We returned to the ship with two of the assassins in tow to interrogate. On them we found, 2 Alchemist fire,2 +1 leather armor, 2 mw sawtooth sabers, 4 mw daggers, 2 mantis masks, and 2 cloak of resistance +1. Terza took one of the cloaks and Sayah took the other.

We interrogated one of the Red Mantis Assassins. He told us of their nation to the north and that they had not forgotten our offenses. It seems like it will take a great deal of work to get them off our backs. We plan to interrogate the second assassin and the newt Captain Thassalar captured in Little Opara while we sail to Goat’s Head where we plan to raise the infamy of our crew.

We interrogated the newt guy and managed to persuade him to our see from our perspective and find himself under our employ, his pay for this time was his life, and if you ask me, all the amazing stories I informed him to tell of our exploits. To ensure he understands what we do to people who betray us, we let him observe as we delivered justice to the Red Mantis Assassin by throwing him to the mercy of the sea.

The Captain decided to stop in at Tidewater Rock on the way to Goat’s Head and check in with our crew there. We camped for the night and Thassalar spoke to the crew who’d been turned to rabbits in an attempt to break the curse. They spoke to her of their dreams and told us to search for Edmunton to break the curse. There’s a place called Edmunton that seems to be the place to start. It’s far though, and it will seem the Captain will take advantage of her new position as Commodore and take our second ship in search of it. The rest of the crew will stay with our present ship and course under the Guidance of acting Captain Urdnot. Thassalar will take her ship along with us as long as our paths coincide.

Upon reaching Little Opara I set out to gather information in the city. I spent four hours and ten gold gathering information in port. I was told a story of a floating merchant whose ship was surrounded by watery creatures and captained by some kind of jinn. He thinks the ship’s name was the Curio. Basil and I had heard legend of it, but who knows whether or not it’s true. He claimed to encounter it west of Besmara’s Crown. Another bar patron claimed the Sea Jackle was near by, worshipers of Lamashtu, Captained by a free pirate of the shackles with some unpronounceable name. They headed east-northeast from port four days ago. It might be worth investigating. Should we encounter them, we opt may create an opening among the free captains. Perhaps we should keep an eye out for a red flagged ship featuring a dog holding a severed hand in it’s mouth.

Commodore Thassalar remains at port following our informant to make sure he’s keeping his word to us. While at sea, we came across an unmarked vessel that seemed to be steering itself close to shore to avoid us. Captain Urdnot flew out under guise of invisibility to investigate. It seemed to be a merchant ship, but it was equipped with four ballista. Possibly a formidable foe. When the captain returned he ordered Basil to prepare the ballista for battle and Sayah to take course to intercept the other ship.

After a long chase we caught up with the unmarked vessel and the Captain and I boarded their ship invisibly after Basil cast fly upon me and Sayah dropped a spell of haste. The crew had unsettling features about them such as patches of fur and sharply pointed teeth, but otherwise appearing human. The Yeth Hound aboard their ship proved troublesome as it caused many from our crew including Sayah and Basil to flee away from it with supernatural fear. Urdnot managed to slay the ship’s captain only to have him resurrect as a void zombie thanks to the enchanted necklaces he wore. Upon his death, the necklaces fidgeted about and then pierced into his body, taking control of it with dark magic and negative energy. Thankfully I had the sense of mind to cast Deathless upon Captain Urdnot otherwise he would surely have have perished in combat against the waves of negative energy surging off the monstrosity. We finally managed to put the monster down after quite a struggle.

After defeating the Captain and the rest of the ship’s crew, who seemed to all be dedicated worshipers of Lamashtu. We only lost one member of the crew in the fray, Big Pudge. He will be missed… kinda. We found fifteen more crew members below deck on the ship, but they weren’t eager to put up a fight. Some might join us, some might take leave of us at port, but all of them will remain on lockdown below until we can get to a port unless we need to fill holes to sail. Amongst the captain’s possessions we found a Potion of Spider Climb, Potion of Disguise Self, a +1 Chainshirt, +2 Dagger, +1 Cutless, Masterwork Heavy Crossbow, Masterwork Whip, Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2, Boots of Elven Kind, Cloak of the Mantaray, and a Spyglass.

We plan to sell the newly acquired vessel when we get to Port Peril, hitting up a couple cities along the way to raise infamy of our name. Perhaps by the time we arrive in Port Peril they’ll have no choice to count our Blue Lady among the Free Captains of the Shackles.

Once we got to port in ChoTzu, I was able to swiftly sell the ship for 6000 gold, and Basil said I’d be lucky to get 5000 in this eastern port. After unloading the ship, we promptly spent it all celebrating and showcasing our trophy collection. Soon every port will tell tales of the infamous Captain Thassalar and her bold and daring crew.

Pulling into port at HaiGuiWan, we noted that the town had more of those turtle looking ships and a much more ordered militaristic atmosphere. Despite not being the busiest port we opted to spread around an additional 2000 gold to raise our reputation throughout The Shackles. After a couple of hours a asking around with Sayah, we’re informed of a man who works for the cities military and just so happens to be good at crafting wands. After a bit of haggling we managed to talk him into a little discount on two wands of Cure Light Wounds, a Resist Energy, and a few wands Sayah planned to keep on herself. I didn’t see what all she bought, but I get the feeling at least one makes things go BOOM.

When we left port Captain Urdnot figured it be a good time to put some of the new crew to work. Urdnot planned on making Genevieve Bunce Master at Arms of the ship train the crew in fencing, but when the former Gladiator Kergen Two-Fang objected Urdnot gave him the option of dueling Genevieve to prove he didn’t need her training. I honestly didn’t expect him to win, but it would seem the new crew is full of surprises. Following his victory, Kergen offered to split the duties with Genevieve, suggesting she train the fast ones and he train the more stout members of the crew.

Three days a into our voyage to Port Peril and one day out from port we encountered another ship on seas. It was immediately apparent the ship was being sailed by pirates. It appeared that at our current heading our courses were likely to intercept. This close to Port Peril we wouldn’t want to be attacking the ships of any Free Captains, but should they choose to attack us we’d have a right to defend ourselves. Knowing all this Captain Urdnot ordered the ship to full halt and summoned Mr. Blasthazard and had Lark awaken Sayah. We were only a little surprised when they opted to sail past without incident. I suppose it’s all for the best. Given the size of the ship, it’s likely they have another, possibly larger, contingent in Port Peril. This port will be dangerous enough without having made enemies already there to greet us.

Captain Urdnots first move pulling into Port Peril he gave orders that the crew is allowed shore leave in shifts of three and only in pairs. I’ve been to this town only three times before; robbed, beaten in a bar brawl I may or may not have instigated, and the last one I hardly remember at all after have been hit on the head with a bottle. This metropolis is a dangerous place full of wonders and items too hot to be sold anywhere else. One might well call this Bonefist’s were he here to monitor its governance more often. If it weren’t for the loyalty of those in his employ and his standing orders to have every ship coming to port check in it’s cargo before being allowed to harbour.

I managed to bribe the bureaucrat to expedite us a head of the five ships already waiting to have their cargo inspected. It was quite an expensive bribe at 400G, but it’s less than the 500G he asked. The bureaucrat gave us a heads up on the process of seeking audience to become recognised as a Free Captain. He said to send no less than 4000G in bribe to with a trusted emissary (Cruchobar) to be afforded an audience pending meeting with Bonefist’s first mate tonight. While we’re here, Captain Urdnot authorized the spending of 1000G to outfit and upkeep the ship while in Port Peril.

I took to shore with Crunchobar and Sayah to subtly attempt to obtain information and find out if Barnabus Harrigan is still looking for us. I’m not sure how possible subtlety will be with Crunchobar in tow with us.

We make our way to The Seahorse Down. I get the feeling Crunchobar may have been here before. I’m not confident that he’ll make it out of here without a beating between Sayah and his stacked poker deck. If rumors are to be believed, it would appear that people are going missing following meetings with The Hurricane King, or at least the pretty ones are.

A few more pints of ale and a little digging later, some of the bar’s patrons told us of aboleths out to the west, but it’s not like any sailor worth his salt didn’t already know that. The only person who’d seen The Green Lady knew it manned and many years ago. It would seem that one will remain a mystery for the time being.

The following morning a small contingent of surprisingly fashionable dressed pirates including a half orc who apparently recognised Captain Urdnot showed up at our dock. The Captain seem surprised to see him. Whatever past he and the Captain share, it must not have been a very good one. It might be unfortunate that whoever the Hurricane King’s first mate is to Urdnot is to test us to see if we are worthy of our Mark.

Captain Urdnot designated Ratline to be our chosen champion for this test of skill as his is the most nimble experienced with working a ship’s rigging. The tasks; a race, climb the 60ft mast to the nest and unfurl the ships sail, then run the yard and unhook the the ship’s sail. One of this contingents crew attempted to sabotage Ratline by untying a knot on their masts rigging to let the boom swing out and slam into Ratline’s mast jarring him and making him fall. A quick command spell to halt had him freezing in place with the rope in his hand. Moves and counter moves my friends. It’s not like we expected pirates to play fair. We’re pirates after all.

The next contest, the art of deception and a game of cards. Again Crunchobar seemed most suited for the task. I’m beginning to believes the man’s more a pirate than the rest of us. He won the first round with ease, requiring him to take a shot of rum with each victory. I’ve seen Crunchobar drink like a fish before, but never with quite so much at stake. The second hand, not so good. Crunchobar bluffed, but was called and lost the hand. The third hand an easy win and another shot of rum for Crunchobar. The fourth hand, was high stakes, and came to a draw leaving the pot on the line for another hand bringing the stakes higher, but luck was not Crunchobar’s side and he lost to another surprisingly good hand. Cheating? Probably, but I can’t imagine Crunchobar would keep playing if he didn’t think he could win, and I don’t think many people ever get to cheat Crunchobar. As a precaution I slipped into the shadows and went invisible should I need to keep our gambler sober from afar. I noticed the that the dealer was stacking the deck, but it would seem that I wasn’t the only one. It would seem that whatever the dealer was doing Crunchobar was able to compensate and made out victorious.

The last test, to defend our ship. They rolled up a covered waggon and told us to get in position with only our officers to man the ship. Sayah immediately cast haste and took to the air. As soon as we were all in place the pulled the cover on the waggon to reveal a big green marsh giant. Seriously they even gave the thing rocks to throw at us. The damn giant immediately dropped a cloud of thick fog onto the ship and dock. Sayah attempted to slow the giant with a spell, but it seem to have little effect. I threw out an illusion in an effort to distract it while the rest of our crew moved into position to attack. It wasn’t as effective as I’d like considering it proceeded to throw one of those boulders at Sayah. It was all over in a hurry once Urdnot matched it in combat, but I opted to drop the cart on it for good measure.

Something about the crowds reaction to our invitation to dine with the Hurricane King leads me to believe the man less than popular. I look forward to donning my finery and meeting this Hurricane King. Knowledge is power and I beleive us too ignorant of this man for my comfort.

Piracy and Publicity

The crew left the jungle far richer than when they arrived. Two ships left and limped along additional crew was added and the captured ship went toward Rickety Squibbs and the Storm Maiden went to Little Opparra, Tide Water Rock, Goatshead before picking up the other part of the crew at Rickety Squibbs and heading toward Bloodcove.

While at sea piracy continued and they profited. At each stop the crew were quick to share tales of adventure and spread their fame in the hopes of rising their standing. Knowing that the might be invited to become Free Pirates.

While in Bloodcove they were set upon by members of the Red Mantis Assassins during a parade. They fought off the acrobats and moved on. They retraced their steps visiting markets and sharing their additional adventures. The visited the Island of Tidewater Rock. The decision was made to send the cursed rabbits with Commodore Tassalar. The druid’s ability to speak to animals enabled her to learn from the dreams the rabbits spoke and they set out to break the curse.

The crew of the Storm Maiden picked Urdnot to become Captain and they set out once more heading north moving from port to port hunting for prey and spreading tales of their adventures. Northeast of Little Opparra they fought a group of pirates. Upon the death of the captain he transformed into a powerfully desecrated undead called a voidstick zombie.

Death of the Gorilla King

The last piece of the spear secured the crew of the Storm Maiden did not wait to speak with the forces of the Gorilla king as they fled the last Ziggurat with the final piece of the 7 Part Spear.

In the safety of camp Bazzle assembled the spear once together the blade of the spear shown with bright light. Through study and magic he was able to determine that the spear had a number of powers granted by the gods of Tamoachan.

The crew considered fleeing the city leaving it to the gnolls and gorillas to fight it out however it was also said that the jungle might be favorable for the gorilla king to attack especially with the loads of treasure that the away team has. For this reason it was determined that they would seek out the Gorilla king and issue him a challenge. They found some of the king’s scouts and sent the message.

The following morning the party was greeted by the Gorilla King’s herald who invited them to feast. Once in the kings camp a feast of monkey brains, raw hippo, honey glazed bot fly larva, and iced vegie pygmy pulp roasted in cinnamon and coffee beans. All of course served with Sour Plantain Wine.

After the feast the contest was begun. 2 of 3 trials would determine the victor. The test of combat, the test of strength and the test of strength. Lem aided by the others and illusionary aid from Bazzle told the tail of the Pirates who mutinied aboard the Wormwood. Special mention for the fallen monkey faced monk Kaboo who was the tragic hero of the tail. Between the visual aids and the inclusion of a simian hero won the test of storytelling. Next the test of strength. Both the king and Urdnot broke bundles of human femurs. Urdnot’s strength forced the King to concede early it seemed and he pouted as he left the contest. No fool the Gorilla King did not risk combat with the crew when time would remove the pirates from the city.

The celebration was short lived. Osmond the leader of the human tribe of the city asked the crew to strike the Gorilla king while he travels because he will likely return to the city in even greater force. An attractive woman by his side the two made the case that the gnolls might help and together they could defeat the Gorilla King.

The crew stalked the Gorilla Kings camp and attacked in the evening. With the combined help of gnolls and humans they were able to fight off the numerous members of the entourage while the crew could face the Gorilla king. During the fight one of the apes sided with the party against the Gorilla King. After the king was dead this traitor was revelled to be a shape shifter a rakshasa who the beautiful woman who encouraged the party to fight. She and her gnoll allies turned on the humans after the gorillas were defeated. Over confident the woman attacked the party figuring she could flee if things turned south. She did not count on Urdnot grappling her. In the end she was not allowed to live. Though she offered her services to the crew as a crewmember.


Following the fight with the Rakshasa the crew went back to the city and helped the few humans of the city remaining gather their meager possessions and offered them escort knowing they were at this point defenseless in a dangerous city after the burial of Osmond and many of their fallen warriors the remaining of the tribe agreed. A group of crew from the Storm Maiden returned to the city in time to help the officers and the humans through the jungle and to move the large amount of treasure. Once more the sea beneath them the crew of the Storm Maiden and the captured ship sailed the waters of the Shackles once more. Eager for market and shore leave.

The Direct Approach

With the Radiant Muse defeated the crew has an uneasy group of allies. The human tribe now led fully by Osmond are both freed from their goddess but fear the absence of her protection. The crew moved their base camp to the human settlement and began to help Osmond heal those effected by the plague.

The crew set out to the nearest unexplored Ziggurat. The section of the city believed to be controlled by a tribe of boggards. The area seemed deserted and signs of recent abandonment were apparent. They climbed the Ziggurat and learned through Bazzle’s journal what was require to release the piece of the spear, A PARTY. The party was briefly interrupted by a Boggard scouting party but otherwise went off effectively.

After a bit of planning the party agreed to a stealth approach going right for the Ziggurat in the gorilla controlled section of the city. Using magic to open the roof of the structure and seal the doorway. The plan worked mostly successfully. The found interrupted some sort of ritual and fought several of the charau-ka guards and some sort of caster who unleashed a deformed statue on the officers of the Storm Maiden. As the dust settled Bazzle determined the ritual to open the Ziggurat was the sacrifice of a great creature. With the help of Sandara’s channeling they secured the piece of the spear. The only drawback to their current situation is that something big is slamming against the stone-shapped wall where the doorway used to be. The enemy is at that gate.

Death of a Godess
Tassalar Returns but Boy Does She Stink

The officers of the Storm Maiden fought for their lives against 3 Basilisks and the Radiant Muse. During the battle Tassalar who had been reincarnated as a Troglodyte burst through the jungle with the roar of a great Alasaurus. The fallen Commodore had returned but the fight was still treacherous. The Radiant Muse who may have once been good had gone made even her high priest Osmond while not willing to defy her was willing to see her fall. With the Muse defeated the pirates moved their base camp to the human tribes area and rested.

They have learned from observation and the reports of the human tribesmen that. The Gorilla King has come into the city. A few days after the first of the blue spears of light struck the sky from the other Ziggurats. It seems the gorilla tribe is warring with the gnolls who control the central island. The pirates have found 4 pieces of the spear but 3 more remain. There remains a temple on the central island. Another to the east in the region ruled by the boggards. Lastly the ziggurat to the north where it is said the Gorilla King himself has come. Where the head of the spear is no one can say.

A Night with the Radiant Muse
Bazil Screwed What?!?

The officers of the Storm Maiden searched the nest of the monster on the ridge and found some sort of undead that carries the plague. The battle ended with the creature fading to mist and the fear that such a monster will likely return or worse.

They hoped to follow or find the trail of mist but were distracted by the signs of battle and fire to the north. They returned to the human tribe and leaned that the Gorilla tribe seems to be attacking the island at the center of the city where the large gnolls dwell. Additionally a monster flying overhead seemed to be fighting as well. They encounted a trio of Chimera fighting a Frogmonster.


They moved closer and hoped that the great creatures would destroy each other. The last of the Chimera whose dragon head was that of a black dragon begged their help against the frog monster offering his treasure horde. The Chimera when opportunity arose betrayed them hoping to take at least one out. He failed and died. However they found his treasure horde in the top of the Ziggurat in the that section of the city. They also discovered another piece of the spear.


They limped back to the section of the city controlled by humans they were invited to meet the tribe’s goddess. They had impressed her with their efforts in the city. They met a strange creature referred to by the tribe as the Radiant Muse. The creature is an outsider normally good though clearly this one had gone a bit batty. She entertained them invited them to dinner and even offered them the piece of the spear that was in the temple atop her ziggurat. She asked them for songs or poetry. Eventually had to study for a religious ceremony to the god in whose temple she had turned into her home. She offered the party a piece of the spear but only if the completed spear remained behind for her tribe’s champion. Alternatively they could remain behind and serve as the tribe’s champions. They accepted the piece of the spear knowing that they would be forced to fight to keep it later or surrender a far greater prize later. Bazil intrigued by the beautiful creature used the conversations to woo the creature. As the other officers retired for the night he again hit on the goddess. His pathetic attempts gave rise to the Radiant Muse’s curiosity perhaps as deadly as her wrath. The half snake beauty offered to indulge the gnomes fantasies but she would kill him in the morning.


The offers slept for the night to recover. In the morning they awoke and Lem awoke with the plague. He was healed by Osmond the tribes witchdoctor. They quickly realized that Bazil never made it home. They asked about it and knew something had happened to him. They had pieced together that the Muse kept Basilisks as pets and asked for blood of the creatures to restore Bazil. They asked audience with the Radiant Muse again and this time irked her. The three officers where marched down to a field beyond the ziggurat. There among other statues was one that looked like Bazil. Urdnot a growing hate for the flighty creature sensed that things were turning sour. The Muse offered that given the reduced number she was considering unleashing 2 or 3 of the Basilisks. The muse was hoping to make an offer toying with them but Urdnot annoyed cut the Muse off asking for all thre3 to be released. So the sound of gates opening releasing the creatures into the sunken field. Members of the tribe gathered to “watch” most had turned their backs to the field so as to not become stone themselves.

Pieces of the Spear

The officers of the Strommaiden now under the command of Urdnot have made great strides in the city of Tamoachan. Once again the group exploring the city went to investigate the ruins. The returned to the ruins near their camp and discovered that it was one of the 7 ziggurats of the city. They chased off some more veggie pygmies and discovered a hidden chamber. Within the chamber was the first section of the 7 part Spear of Tamoachan.

Morale raised by the find they through stealth made their way to the ziggurat in the Troglodyte area of the city. They battled the tribes leaders finding both the next piece of the spear as well as a sword of great evil, a sentient saw-toothed sabre. Sadly Terza died fighting

Feeling their “direct approach” of seeking out pieces of the spear at the ziggurats was turning out results. Two sections of the city are lit by the strange blue “street lamps” and the blue lights from the caps of the ziggurats shining over the city like spears of blue light.

After rest and recovery they once again set out. This time to return to the area held by the human tribe. With Lem’s help they were able to negotiate with the humans, who know that they are out matched. They again asked for help this time dealing with a monster on the ridge. A creature that has killed some of their tribe.

What are YOU Doing HERE
Session 23

With the recent death of Tassalar, Urdnot stands as the ranking officer of the group now exploring the lost city. Urdnot again splits the team and takes some of the crew back out to recover Tassalar’s body. Sayah, Terza, and Bazil are instructed to scout out the area around the section of the city controlled by the troglodytes. A short while later they do uncover troglodytes and another sailor fleeing them through the jungle. The crew of the Storm Maiden figure the new sailor might have information and make short work of the troglodytes.

The stranger is a halfling named Lem a healer it would seem. He was recently in Goatshead and was unable to book passage on a ship. He has heard of the Storm Maiden crew most intriguingly that they have run a foul of Harrigan. Whom Lem thought until recently was dead or prisoner of Cheliax. It seems Harrigan has press ganged sailors into service before.

Recently while in Goatshead Lem asked too many questions regarding the Storm Maiden and was taken by sailors of the pirate ship called the Thresher. The Thresher he learned was a new ship for Captain Inkskin Locke, the ship was formerly known as the Blue Nixie. Captain Locke seems to have it out for Tassalar and the crew of the Storm Maiden. Lem was little better than a prisoner but it seems Locke was working for either by choice or duress for members of the Lotus Dragons, who have an obvious score to settle. It seems that Locke had learned of the Storm Maiden’s journey into the jungle and was able to find information on the lost city.

Lem was able to get the slip on some of his captors and escape into the jungle. He moved in the general direction of explosions that were seen the day before in the hopes that Captain Locke was right that the explosions were no doubt the crew of the Storm Maiden. Lem figured they might be safer than his captors and sharing the information that they are hunted might earn him some respect and a spot on their crew a vast improvement from prisoner.

With the troglodytes defeated a new enemy learned of Sayah who was not happy about the prospect of hunting troglodyte decided back tracking to this new enemies camp might be the best course. The small group found a giant spider and were able to dispatch it with little more than a good haze induced high. Continuing on they noted an island in a lake to the north of the city in the area they suspect some sort of gorilla tribe they noted signs of excavation.

As they continued they stumbled upon a small group of rival pirates hunting Lem lead by a dim witted brawler named Knuckles. They took one prisoner, he and Lem led them to the camp. Once in the camp the crew attacked and decimated the sailors of the Thresher.

The Captain is Down
Followed by an Epilogue

Session 22
The officers have called an uneasy truce with the tribe of humans. They relocated to a clearing with a stone floor. Tassalar tried to negotiate with the tribe who had little to offer other than what they could share about the city. They asked for help with a monster they claim lives on the ridge on the outside of their section of the city. With little they could offer the uneasy truce fell apart.

The officers began heading around the edge of the city back toward camp. An explosion on the other side of the city lit a fire under them. They pushed themselves the ran into a patrol of Troglodyte hunters. The hoped to cut some time of the race around the city and pushed past a Troglodyte watch post and into the lair of a monstrous giant parrot. In the end the parrot claimed the life of the captain. In her weakened state she faced the bird hoping that being bait the others could run on. The parrot feasted well and all but one escaped.


Coming down the stairs toward the party is Sandara, Basil, Terza, Fishguts, and Tam Narwhal. The like you look to have been in battle. Though Terza appears to have a pair of new axes which look to be bronze. Tam has a large bronze shield slung across his back in addition to his normal gear. They appear to be moving down the stairs carefully.

Sandara looks you over and exclaims, “You look like warmed over crap. Where is the Captain. She will want to see what we found.”

“And what we learned.” Basil adds.

“That’s a big bird we saw. What happened to it? ‘Nother knotch on the axe.” Tam goes to share a high 5 moment with Urdnot but is met with an annoyed eye. He quiets knowing things did not go well.

Terza watching the area comments, “It’s not safe here, we are getting closer to where the lizards live. More likely to find more. Better to come back after we rest.”

Sandar steps forward, “Everyone step close to me.” She brandishes her holy symbol and you feel a pair of waves of energy rush through you. (Everyone is healed for 24 points of damage).

Fishguts steps forward and looks up with surprised reptile eyes, “Where is the captain?”

The quintet listen as you tell the tale of Tassalar facing the bird and meeting a horrid end.

The small kobold looks between you all, “Did you save her corpse?” His eyes grow angry as you answer no. “Then lets go now.”

Sandara holds out a hand to steady him. “We are all but spent. I have little more spells I can use. Neither do the officers. From the tale they tell. Bazil has fired off enough fireballs, spells and gods know what else. (Bazil giggles). We can return after we have rested. If the Bosun orders . . . And if not we can resign our ship and go back for her corpse without them. But for now we need rest. Orders sir?” She looks to Urdnot. “You are First Mate now.”

(The plan was to find the others and head back to camp so I am assuming it.)

Back up the stairs that the crew just came down to rendezvous with the officers. Electing to give the city a wide berth Terza leads them fairly quickly through the jungle. After an hour or so. The whole company makes it back to camp.

On the way back to camp the crew tells the tale of adventure they found fighting both Troglodytes who had a horrid stench. That made them sick. (Something you remember but so far none of you have gotten sick from how bad the Trogs smell). Also they fought ghosts who seemed not to be former residents of the city but a failed expedition to investigate the city. From the writings they found in the archeologists journal.

Once this fact was shared Bazil talked rather endlessly. “You see. The city was split into 7 districts. Each had a ziggurat. Dedicated to 7 of the ancient Azlanti gods. Each Ziggurat was ‘powered’ by part of an artifact linked to one of the 7 gods. It was some sort of weapon a rod or staff . . . Maybe a spear the writer was not sure. But somewhere within the temples atop the ziggurats are the pieces.”

As Bazil goes on and on and on and on you remember passing a wall that showed a woman with a shining weapon. There were 7 rays of light in the back ground coming from stylized buildings like the ziggurats.

The gnome is still going. “The archeologist believed that more than just a weapon when the 7 parts were joined but the pieces were magnified by the temples some how and ‘blessed’ each district. Like the farming district which I think we are camped in would get a fertility blessing, I guess. One of the stories he spoke of was a champion who joined all 7 pieces during a time of crisis to from the art I saw they fought some kind of lizard things I guess these Troglodyte things won.”

Sandara breaks in when the gnome takes a breath, “It was a hard fight we almost lost Tam. Foolishly brave that one.” She smiles and winks in his direction. “We found this bronze.”

“Elysian Broonze,” Tam chimes in. “They say it comes from Elysium. One of those goody worlds the scroll thumpers talk about. I really screws up magic beasts and monstrous humanoids if I remember right. The axes that Terza found helped against the ghosts. As did some of the magic gear we had. Regular weapons wouldn’t even touch them.”

Sandara adds, “Well we may have gotten all the ghosts. Who knows some ghosts are hard to banish than others.”

You all make it back to camp. The crew quickly suggests a guard schedule letting the officers and casters rest.

The 5 crew who meet up with have found quite a bit. They approach Grum in the morning with a pile of stuff.

Into the Lost City

The officers and the other 8 members of the away team returned to the ruins previously explored to set up a base camp. Fishguts prepared the dodo birds they killed for cooking and preserving the excess for rations. Urdnot took to securing the camp with help from Terza who had experience in the jungle. The captain, Saaya, Bazil and Grum worked to clean and repair the model of the city they found.


Using the ancient layout as a guide Tassalar and her bird companion scouted out the layout of the city from the air. The city was by in large lost to time with several buildings poking through the jungle canopy. It became clear that the city was still inhabited; humans, giant knolls, and troglodytes. While trying to get a closer look at the humans they encountered a giant carnivorus parrot. Both Tassalar and her bird escaped and made their way back to camp.

Two expeditions left the camp. Sandara lead Bazil, Terza, Fishguts, and Shortstack south into an area Tassalar hoped was un-inhabited. Grum, Tam Narwhal and Aldan Mortis kept the camp secure. Tassalar lead the last group across the city toward the area they saw the humans. The fought a couple groups of troglodytes along the way and suspect more lay in the southern area of the city. Hopeful Sandara’s team will be okay.

After facing the troglodytes they found the region where they hoped to find humans. The found the section of the city well kept and filled with statuary. Among the statues were humans painted as statues keeping guard. The humans seem willing to speak though only Tassalar spoke their language, Polyglot. One of the warriors took Urdnot’s gesture as a threat and combat broke out. The former statues did not fair well. Using a distraction the team hoped to gain access to the ziggurat at the end of the wide street. The hid among some of the buildings noting the paintings and carvings depicting all sorts of artistic endeavors. The began another tussle with humans while many of their warriors responded to the distraction. A man seeming to be in charge appeared and appealed for peace. Agreeing to meet with the officers in a neutral place to speak.


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