Captain Barndog's Skull & Shackles

Sea Monsters and Real Enemies

Squid, Crab, Spiders & Syl

Still aboard the Emperor Grum, Tassalar, Kaboo, Kelley, Urdnot and Sayya faced spiders, zombies and ghouls. After finding some measure of success. They raced against a great giant squid bent on bringing down the ship. On returning to the Wormwood in one piece they learned that forces were actively arrayed against them and some of their fellow crew members were trying to poison would be friends into enemies. In response Tassalar, Urdnot and Kaboo decided to beat the three that Jack Scrimshaw pointed out. The three intended victims went down easy. Seemingly asleep Slipper Syl sprang to action. She screamed for help feigning dismay. When she knows she’s outmatched Syl stabs a nearby pirate and then herself. The resulting chaos put Kaboo in the sweatbox and Urdnot and Tassalar sleeping in the crow’s nest.

The ship neared a reef and the captain wanted crab. Naturally Plugg chose the small group half hoping for sharks. Instead the small band attracted a few Reefclaws. After a scuffle they brought home more than just crabmeat.


Even though there was indeed a crab and giant shrimp feast, Grum still laments that the delicious giant centipedes and spiders were wasted when the Emperor went down…

Sea Monsters and Real Enemies

Fear not, Little One, for the sea holds many joys and delights to tempt your taste buds, and there are so many things you have yet to indulge in. After all, why would we ever fear sharks when sharks should know to fear the appetite of one severely underfed goblin?
-Sayah Stareyes

Sea Monsters and Real Enemies
Captain_Barndog Captain_Barndog

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