Conchobar Shortstone

Fopish Dandy Bard who Fancies Himself a Pirate. Most think he is a Fancy Jacket


Fancy dressed gnome who favors purple tones. He has a handlebar mustache which he is often rubbing between his fingers. He wears an eye patch over his left eye.


The outrageous gnome pirate sensation Conchobar Shortstone has recently had a change of luck. After losing his lute, and striking out with Rosie he has had a string of positive ruins with the blue ladies one in particular seems to be . . . well you know. Also his lute has returned.

Since early days on the Wormwood he has had a love affair going with Saayah. The two spend their nights together on the night watch and share a cabin above the captain.

Conchobar Shortstone

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