Cutthroat Grok

Hideous Gangly Quartermaster of the Wormwood, now with a spring in her step.


Fairly hideous even by half-roc standards. Grok is lean and mean.


Grok, the ship’s Quartermaster, keeps the ships store and manages cargo. Prior to the arrival of the new recruits Grok was spoken of as one of the meanest jack tars aboard the ship. She recently has struck a new tone the no one will say it to her toothy face but it is snickered among the Wormwood pirates the it is due to the rodgering of the new comer Urdnot. The dwarf Tam Narhal might be more upset that he lost has hat if it wasn’t shading her ugly mug.

It is known via Urdnot that Grok is worried for her job just prior to the new crew was taken aboard. The ships stores were robbed. Since then another attempt was made because the trap has been tripped.

Cutthroat Grok

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