Ratline Ratsberger

Swarthy halfling pirate missing a few fingers.


Ratline is capped by a head of thick greasy black hair. He wears practical light garb with lots of pockets and folds.

Ratline Ratsberger CR 2 XP 600
Neutral Small Humanoid
Rogue level 3 (skill points 27) Informer
(Pirate )
Init 3; Senses ; Perception +9
AC 17, Touch 14, flat footed 14 ( Studded Leather, Shield, none)
3 Dex, 1 size, +3 armour)
hp 16 (0d8
Fort +1, Ref +6, Will +3
Fearless +2 save vrs fear
Speed 20
Single Attack Rapier +3 (1d4/18-20)
or Crossbow, light +6 (1d6 /19-20 X2)
Full Attack
Rapier +3 (1d4/18-20)
or Crossbow, light +6 (1d6 /19-20 X2) range 80
Space 5ft.; Reach 5
Special Attacks
Sneak Attack Sneak attack at an extra (D6) 2
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 12
Base Attack 2 CMB 1 ; CMD 14
Feats Armour Prof Light, Evasion: No damage on reflex save, Sea Legs: You gain a +2 bonus on Acrobatics, Climb, and Swim checks, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Skill Focus (Diplomacy): +3 Diplomacy, Skill Focus (Stealth): +3 Stealth Skills Acrobatics 11, Appraise 6, Bluff 6, Climb 9, Diplomacy 9, Disable Device 7, Disguise 7, Escape Artist 6, Intimidate 6, Know Dungeon 1, Know Local 6, Linguistics 5, Perception 9, Sense Motive 7, Sleight of Hand 2, Stealth 14, Swim 3, Use Magic Device 1
Languages Common, Halfling
Weapon Familiarity +1 to hit with thrown weapons
Evasion Reflex save no damage instead of 1/2
Reduce Class Feats reduce by 1
Sea Legs (Ex) Gains feat
Swinging Reposition (Ex) In light armor on ship can reposition. After making a charge or bull rush, can move 5 ft
Unflinching (Ex) saving throws against fear and mind-affecting effects bonus = 1


“Ratline” Rattsberger is a rat-faced halfling with long arms and three missing fingers. He knows his way around the boat. Most days he works with the riggers most nights turns in early after sharing a few drinks with the other gamblers.

Ratline has since even before the mutiny gravitated to Tassalar. Likely because it serves his desire to survive.

Ratline Ratsberger

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