Rosie Cusswell (Currently a rabbit)

Halfling Violinist @#$@ Exstatic to Have Her Violin Back


Rosie is from Bag Island, and like the PCs was impressed onto the Wormwood’s crew. She has been on board 3 days and has already made her mark by threatening to chop off the hand of anyone who messes with her with her beloved scimitar. She has a healthy hatred of Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge. Like many half lings, Rosie loves food, drink, and tall tales. Rosie was missing her fiddle, and was unable to convince the quartermaster Cut-Throat Grok to give it back to her (having lost her temper when initially trying to do so).

Her first few days on the ship were unbearable for her. Not only was she without her fiddle but she had to deal with endless sexual advances of Cronhobar Shortstone. Shortstone a musician himself was able to get his lute back. Recent impressed crewmate Tassalar with the aid of Urdnot was able to buy back her fiddle from Grok. She seems in great spirits and has taken entertaining many on the ship with her songs. Making things even sweeter Kaboo the new Varana who seems to be causing trouble all around created a rowe on deck and Grum the goblin used the distraction to take Shortstone’s lute and hide it from him.

Rosie has recently agreed to play some music for the celebration of the Currentseve. Honored by the request she is looking forward to enhancing the night.

Since taking the “Man’s Promise” she was instrumental in the mutiny against Captain Plugg and has been named first mate.

Resourceful and charming Rosie is well liked by the crew. She is fair and serves a balance to Urdnot’s no nonsense approach. She has gone out of her way in recruiting new crew members to find those who do not tolerate slavery.

It seems like several officers of the Storm Maiden she has fallen to a curse and currently lives as a rabbit.

Rosie Cusswell (Currently a rabbit)

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