Commodore Tassalar

Stoutly Built Troglodyte with an Imposing Smell


Tassalar used to stands six and a half feet tall with a thin, graceful face and the figure of an elf, though her skin was blue. Her height, dress, and no non-sense mannerisms gave her imposing and stately image. Death and reincarnation were less kind to her appearance, as she now stands at just over 5’ tall and heavier than she once was. What she lacks in grace and beauty, she makes up for in fortitude and stench.


Tassalar speaks little of her life before The Wormwood, keeping a fair amount of distance between herself and the rest of the crew, especially newer crew members. The few times Tassalar speaks of her past, Urdnot is present in nearly every story. Recently, Tassalar has warmed to those on the boat she spends the most time with – the officers and a few of the original crew members. Still, she keeps a good amount of “professional distance” between herself and others, with the single and blatantly obvious exception of Urdnot, who she seems to have a strange but deep friendship with. Regardless of this professional distance, she seems to view it as her responsibility to protect those under her command, often mentioning that loyalty is a mutual arrangement.

Tassalar leads the crew from a distance most of the time, allowing the officers a large amount of freedom in their roles and only occasionally giving advice when she sees opportunities for improvement. It is only during the throes of battle or during the sharpest winds and waves that Tassalar will take direct command of the crew. Though Tassalar is not the most diplomatic by nature, she knows what motivates people and uses this knowledge to her advantage in forming relationships.

Tassalar speaks of Gozreh frequently, but in a somewhat casual tone. She does not seem to be concerned with swaying others to her own path nor does she pay much attention when others speak of their own religious paths. One would get the sense that Tassalar’s beliefs are more spiritual than anything else. Indeed, Tassalar seems to emulate her god’s mannerisms well for she can shift from calm and collected to violent action at the drop of pin. Tassalar seems to have a pragmatic view of the world, often comparing slaves and slavers to sheep and wolves, but this has not stopped her from taking the necessary actions to ensure the safety of 40 slaves recently rescued by the crew.

While having the Wavedancer squibbed into the Stormmaiden, Tassalar had a week long romantic relationship with pirate lord Merrill Pegsworthy, a former Andoran naval officer whose country turned their back on him and tends to do right by slaves. The relationship was fruitful for Tassalar, who determined that the weakness of Tidewater Rock was not common knowledge, as well as learning of The Regetta, a race Merrill Pegsworthy won a few years back granting him the title of Pirate Lord and the benefits associated with it. Since this relationship, Tassalar’s mood has improved slightly, and she has spoken favorably of Commodore Merrill Pegsworthy a few times, though Tassalar does not seem to have taken the relationship any more seriously than one should take such things between pirates.

A couple of weeks back, the crew came across a blue crested falcon a day’s journey out of Little Oppara. Certain to die in time, the boat maneuvered under the bird and lured him down with a few dead rats. Tassalar has since tamed the exotic bird, which now spends most of it’s time perched on her shoulder or flying large circles around the boat. Recently, word around the ship is that Tassalar speaks with her bird from time to time, appearing to hold conversations with it. Indeed, the bond between falcon and falconer seems strong.

It is said among many sailors that fortune favors those who “Crack the Rock.” A reference tot he infamous tower of Tidewater Rock. Little more than a small rock in the south of the shackles it has a good view of shipping lanes, perhaps accounting for the good fortune. The crew of the Storm Maiden parlayed with its former mistress, Agasta Smythee, and at dinner a fight broke out and the Storm Maiden won the struggle. This turn of good fortune lead the ambitious crew to invent the idea of taking a second ship and letting it use the Rock as a base. While the Storm Maiden was free to roam the seas as proper pirates. Given Tassalar the title of Commodore.

During an excursion into an abandoned city in the Mwangi expanse, Tassalar found herself on the wrong end of a giant predatory parrot two times in as many days. In her second encounter with the parrot, Tassalar and company were wounded, low on resources, and rushing to aid nearby allies who seemed to be in trouble. Sensing the likely outcome, Tassalar began removing items of value just before taking a particularity nasty blow to the neck. Blood running down her arm, she grasped her neck and handed her ring, cloak, shield, pouch, and hat to Urdnot, who nodded with understanding as he ran past. Pulling forth her dagger, she offered herself up as a distraction. Sayah and Grum paused for a moment, as Tassalar shouted her final words – “Fly, you fools!”

No more than two weeks later, in a time of great need, Tassalar returned to the party’s side, joining in a pivotal fight against The Radiant Muse as a Huge Dinosaur, aided by a few Troglodytes who served as a distraction. The party triumphant, she eventually retook her place as captain. Tassalar now mans the ship at night, while Bazil works to find a way to suppress her horrid stench. So far, this has not been a major issue, since Tassalar has always had a hands-off approach to handling the crew, allowing the other officers to run the day to day activities of the ship.

Commodore Tassalar

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