Captain - Urdnot of clan Ravanor

Half-Orc fighter/barbarian and former gladiator


Distinguishing marks: Urdnot is missing his pinky and ring finger on his right hand due to his gladiator days. Additionally, he has a long white scar running down the left side of his face over his left eye from his fight with Ragek the Huge, this has left his eye white and vestigial.

Tattoos: Urdnot has a sleeve of tattoos running up his right arm and across the right part of his chest. These tattoos include a combination of Ravanor tribal patterns and images pertaining to the story of Urdnot’s childhood, which includes a red sun rising in an ocean of stars over a black field, where a single axe is stuck in the ground.

Physical Description: Urdnot is average size for a half-orc, but anyone who sees him can tell he’s never been out of shape in his life. His body is hard and marked with scars, even when bloodied a strength is seen in him. His hair is black arranged in messy dreadlocks, small pieces of bone and metal wrap around dreads here and there.

Let it be known that Urdnot now has a lovely hat, which may or may not contain a concealed dagger.


Survival. Urdnots is a story of survival if he ever told you. Though likely you will learn to many secrets of survival so he will cut out the important details.

Aboard the Wormwood Urdnot made a calculation and ended up the lover of the ship’s Quartermaster.

Aboard “The Wave Dancer” he has been made the Bosun. After the mutiny and his appointment as Bosun he was presented with the whip used by First Mate Master Scourge, and the magical shackles carried by former and the masterwork cat o’ 9 tails used by Captain Plugg.

Captain - Urdnot of clan Ravanor

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