Ships of Golarion

The many and varied peoples of Golarion have taken to the seas in a variety of amazing ships both simple and fantastic here is but a sampling.


1. Ramapore Wickership- These ships are seldom seen outside of the Ramapore Isles or Vudrani coastlands. The ship is made from fast growing reeds common in tropical brackish bogs.
2. Fearsome Galleon- Some pirates are not happy just to have a normal ship. Either through craftsmanship or eldritch secrets some great war galleons have incorporated the bones of great creatures and exotic materials.
3. Elven Barque- Know for unique and beautiful ships and strange sails. Easily recognized as elven but otherworldly and exotic.
4. Buoy Boat
5. Droon Pontoon- The lizardfolk nation of Droon more used to river travel than ocean going build square pontoon ships that often stay near the coast. Though not known to sail great distances they are easy to defend and are adaptable.
6. Tian Xia Goliath- The engineering of the distant east lands of the dragon kingdoms of Tian Xia have developed unique ships some are designed for war and siege.
7. Ulfen Icerunner- The Viking raiders of the Ulfen are still sail the seas in ships that harken back to their long-ships of old.
8. Osiri Longship- The distinct art work of the Osiri that has been the mark of their culture adorns their ships. Long ships are common but they also have built more modern sail ships with their distinct aesthetic.
9. Naiad Podcraft- In the jungles of the Mwange expanse grow many amazing plants. One such plant is the Naiad. The Naiad’s immense fruit are often made into sturdy fishing boats or small craft.


10. Celestial Man O’ War- Some ships defy design rules and are rumored to have built by brokered skill of deziens of the outer planes in this case a ship designed by angels themselves.


11. Nautiloid- Many unique creatures fill the oceans and lands of Golarion one such creature is the giant snail. Usually living in the far depths of the oceans some have been found and utilized in the design of unique oar powered ships. Not good for swift travel over long distances but river travel and near coast pleasure cruising they are a statement of wonder and power.


12. Elven Caravel- Elves of Golarion are far flung and found throughout the world but their true seat of power is land locked and has no great need for a navy. Though in millennia past they explored the oceans before the Skyfall and on occasion a group of elves builds a ship like their sailing ships of old.


13. Multi-Hulled Warships- Common in the 1st and 2nd Taldan Empires they are less common in these days though several world superpowers build them when the need of war drives them.


14. Tian Xia Sea Fortress- More like a wooden island castle than a ship.


15. Ulfen Warships- Ulfen heritage favors the longships of the ancient viking raiders. Though in recent years as need has arisen fleets of Ulfen ships have waged war in the northern Arcadian Ocean.


16. Tian Xia Great Junk- Large sailing ships can be dangerous the stress and twisting of the ocean waves limits wooden ships. This was learned by empires of Tian Xia though some times great flotillas of their trading vessels of immense size cross the distant seas to trade with the lands of the west.


17. Opulent Pleasure Ship- A ship land locked in Taldor suggests that in the days of the 1st Taldan empire its emperors built massive ships for their own travel and amusement that were incredible in their opulence. Such craft have not been seen since the Starfall.

Ships of Golarion

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